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*As a reminder you must complete BOTH the Online Application AND the Google Form by the deadline of APRIL 12th 2024, no later than 6pm in order to be considered.


Selection Process:

  • All award selections are based exclusively on merit as determined by grades, extra-curricular activity and employment.

  • The awards will be open to any graduate of the Dracut High School Class of 2024, who has attended Dracut High School for the entirety of their Junior and Senior years, regardless of the type of post-secondary education program they will attend, so long as the school is accredited.

  • The Awards Selection Committee will score all applications as directed by the Awards Selection Committee chair, using the approved point system of the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars, as outlined in Appendix A.  All awards will be determined on an anonymous and non-discriminatory basis.

  • Awards will be presented to recipients at the June Pride Night reception. Students will receive a check, payable to their institution of choice upon completion of the Scholarship Acknowledgement Form (SAF). SAF must be completed via ChapterNet by August 31 of the current calendar year. A recipient award letter indicating who to thank will be sent to each recipient with a reminder of the August 31 deadline.

  • Award deferral process: Students have 4 years to receive their award but all awards must be made payable directly to the school they attend.

  • The scholarship can be claimed by the recipient any time over a four (4) year period beginning from the date of the award letter. As noted in the award letter, any recipient who has not utilized the funds after four (4) years shall be required to notify the Corporation of his/her request to extend the life of the scholarship. The Board of Directors, by majority vote, shall determine whether said scholarship shall remain in force. If no such request is made, any monies remaining in escrow at the end of the four (4) year period shall be returned to the general fund of the Corporation.

  • This Scholarship Awards Policy will be reviewed annually by the Awards Selection Committee prior to the start of Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars scholarship cycle. The committee chair shall submit any changes/updates to the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors for approval and shall notify Scholarship America within ten (10) days of any approved changes. All changes/updates to the document, along with the vote of the Board of Directors, will be documented in the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars meeting minutes.




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