While the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars is always seeking new and innovative means of fundraising to ensure the students of Dracut High School have the opportunity to receive assistance with the ever-escalating cost of higher education - what remains is the mainstay of our fundraising efforts.

The Annual Telethon. In 2007 we hosted the 25th Annual Telethon - broadcasting live from Dracut High School March 13-16th. The Telethon fueled immense financial growth for the Foundation.  In 1980, 20 scholarships were awarded totaling $8000.  Just 10 years later - in 1990 - 36 scholarships were awarded totaling $50,000 - a remarkable 80% increase in the number of scholarships awarded and a 6 fold increase in dollar value.  The Telethon remains key to on-going success of the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars.  The entire Dracut community continues to rally around this event and we Thank You for your business.