Celebrating 34 Years of Telethon Success!
This year's goal $125,000.00! March 22- 24 from 6:30PM -9:30pm
"LIVE" each night from Dracut High School Live streaming on DATV channels 8 & 22 http://dracuttv.org/
Great entertainment, Supermarket Hunt, Corn Hole Tournament, Great Talent, and of course our great selection of Action Items
                       *** MARK YOUR CALENDARS, DON'T BE LEFT OUT ***

$10,000 Raffle

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Several years ago a new fundraiser was introduced by the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars. The fundraiser continues and we will once again be raffling off $10,000. The minimum prize is $10,000 (with at least 150 tickets sold).  You could purchase a ticket on your own or you can share a ticket amongst family, friends or co-workers.  For example, if 10 people go in on a ticket at $10.00 each then they also share the prize each receiving $1,000.  The ticket may be divided in any manner you wish. The winning ticket is drawn during the live broadcast of the final night of our Annual Telethon.

This year's telethon is March 22-24, 2017.

Questions? Call Eileen Dufour at 978-314-4090



Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars is affiliated with Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars® to bring the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars program to our community. This partnership links our community to Dollars for Scholars programs operating across the country, which collectively award more than $41 million to 40,000 students annually.

The Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars is a non-profit organization that works to raise money for scholarships for graduating students of Dracut High School.  The Foundation was incorporated in 1959 and today is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of 29 volunteer members.  

Since it's inception the Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars has awarded over $1.5 million dollars in scholarships to almost 1,400 recipients.  The first two scholarships were awarded in 1957 and totaled $350.  At the 2013 Dracut High School Pride Night 48 scholarships/book awards were given out totaling over $110,000.  A truly amazing legacy of commitment by the entire Dracut community to the mission of this Foundation.

How do I apply?

Click on the Student and Parent Tab on this page and follow the instructions on how to create your Student Profile.

What We Do:

The Dracut Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Dollars for Scholars has three primary annual fundraising events which include:

  • Craft Fair
  • 10,000 Cash Give-Away Raffle
  • Telethon 

In addition to these fundraising events a key aspect of the Foundation's success are the Endowment Trusts and Memorials. Over 40 Memorial Funds exist today with another 3+ working towards achieving permanency.  The funds from these accounts are invested with investment returns contributing to annual scholarship awards.  To learn more about the Endowment Trusts and Memorial Funds please visit the Donate Now tab section of this site.